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Khajuraho Dance Festival


Khajuraho Dance Festival

No one can deny the entrancing aura that envelops the cluster of temples in Khajuraho. These monuments are the finest examples of the fusion of beauty, spirituality and sensuality, which delineates art in its most spectacular form. Legacy of the Chandela Rajputs, these temple monuments skillfully coalesce ‘God Worship’ and ‘Human Life’ and uphold the artistic grandeur of India even today. Khajuraho temples not only extol carnal desire, but also aesthetically represent them in myriad forms. Thus, Khajuraho, where art attains such elevated heights, becomes the perfect setting for celebrating the Khajuraho Dance Festival, which glorifies the rich heritage of classical dance in India.

Every year Khajuraho rejoices in the spirit of the dance festival, organized by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department. Against the magnificent backcloth of the illuminated heritage temples, the celebration takes place at an outdoor auditorium. The venue is in front of the Chitragupta temple, consecrated to the Sun God, and the Vishwanatha temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which belongs to the Western group of Khajuraho monuments. First celebrated in 2002, this weeklong festival, with its well-earned repute, has now become a landmark festival of the state.

Classical dance performances by eminent artists and distinguished personalities, present different cultural facets of India through their dance performances. From the grace and poise of Bharat Natyam and the vibrant dance dramas of Kuchipudi to the spellbinding footwork of Kathak, one can notice the entire extravaganza assoiated with Indian classical dances in this common platform. Recently, modern dances incorporated in festival have taken its popularity to new heights.